Monday, May 14, 2012

What's happening....LOL

Oh boy did not realize it had been so long since I have blogged. No excuses just haven't done it, my plans are to keep up with blog post there may not be a project with every post but I will plan on posting often.

Things sure have changed for me over the last several months. I was in a creative slump and over doing the swaps and burned my self out and got burned in swaps also. I am no longer a member at MAS's ning site due to circumstances that I will not go into details about except that I got booted. I didn't just get up and leave I would never do so with out an explanation. But don't worry I have found a new home with some of my family that was at MAS also. But during this whole process you do learn who your true friends are..

We are chatting it up over at which was opened and run by Tamara Hazel. She has some great challenges going on and just opened up her first swap. Loving the challenges. So if you've wondered were I've been hiding you now know. So drop by and see us and chat and have a good laugh. Okay enough rambling I hope to have a project completed and posted this week.

Oh and I have picked up the art journaling maybe I will share a page from my journal. This is still a work in progress but is a great stress reliever...I hope everyone has a wonderful week...

Hugs to you all



Wow, imagine my surprise when this post showed up on my blogger dashboard. Nice to see you update your status so friends can find you that haven't so yet. Oh and Bev, I for one would love to see some of your art journal pages.
Hugs, Melinda


Thank you so much Melinda..I will get one up for you to view....Hugs, Bev

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